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Unit 3: Student Care


In this unit you’ll focus on ways you can support students after a crisis. You’ll learn about how students react to crises and how to help strengthen their resilience by giving them a sense of safety and security.

Time Estimate

  • Approximately 1.5 hours

  • 7 individual microlearnings

 If the world is a stage, remember our children are sitting in the front row. And they are the most important audience of all.

—Simply Topaz


Short, focused, targeted activities for busy educators 

Microlearning 1

Students’ Reactions and Recovery

15 min.

Microlearning 2

Keep It Consistent

You’ll focus on things you can do to make your classroom a safe, predictable space that supports your students’ resilience, including examining your routines and incorporating more fun and joy.

15 min.

Microlearning 3

Build Connections

You’ll learn how to use Community Circles to build and maintain strong connections with and between your students, which can buffer the effects of stress and help them (and you) cope better.

10 min.

Microlearning 4

Banking Time

You’ll learn how to use Banking Time to build connections with individual students, especially those who may be vulnerable or at risk following a crisis.

10 min.

Microlearning 5

Give Students Voice and Choice

You’ll consider ways you can incorporate more Student Voice and Choice into your classroom to help re-establish students’ sense of control. 

10 min.

Microlearning 6

Start Talking

You’ll learn practical strategies for handling difficult conversations with your students after a crisis or when they’re coping with stress and insecurity.

15 min.

Microlearning 7


You’ll review your responses and action plans from the microlearings in this unit and reflect on key learnings, routines, and activities that you want to use as you continue to help your students build their resilience during this pandemic.

15 min.

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