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Unit 1: Self-Care


In this unit you’ll examine your role in crisis response and in nurturing resilience in yourself and your school community. You’ll explore how the pandemic has affected your resilience and learn routines that can help reduce your stress and support your journey to recovery.

Time Estimate

  • Approximately 1.5 hours

  • 9 individual microlearnings

On the other side of a storm is the strength that comes from having navigated through it. Raise your sail and begin.

—Gregory S. Williams


Short, focused, targeted activities for busy educators 

Microlearning 1

Resilience During Crisis

10 min.

Microlearning 2

Reactions and Recovery

You’ll assess symptoms you might be experiencing in the aftermath of a crisis and identify which areas of self-care to focus on to support your coping and recovery.

10 min.

Microlearning 3

Managing Strong Emotions

You’ll learn two routines to reduce stress when you’re experiencing strong emotions.

10 min.

Microlearning 4

Sleeping Better

You’ll take a survey to identify how your sleep has changed since the crisis, learn strategies that can help you improve your sleep, and commit to trying one strategy out for a week.

10 min.

Microlearning 5

Eating Well

You’ll use a survey to pinpoint what, if anything, has changed about your eating habits since the crisis, consider what healthy eating habits worked for you before—or new changes you want to make—and commit to trying one healthy habit for a week.

10 min.

Microlearning 6

Moving More

You’ll complete a survey to identify your current physical activity levels, learn strategies that can help you get more movement into your days if you need to, and commit to trying one strategy out for a week.

10 min.

Microlearning 7

Enjoying Life

You’ll answer questions to identify what’s changed about the things you do to enjoy your life since the crisis, recall what you enjoyed doing in the past, and commit to adding one thing back into your life—or trying a new thing—for a couple of weeks.

10 min.

Microlearning 8


You’ll use a survey to identify anything in your professional life that might be more challenging now than it was before the crisis, and set a goal for showing yourself compassion.

10 min.

Microlearning 9


You’ll review your responses and action plans from the microlearings in this unit and reflect on key learnings and routines that you want to use as you continue to build your resilience during this pandemic.

10 min.

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Certificate of Completion

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